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The You Can Make a Difference Foundation was founded in 2004 by Don and Sylvia Shaw, owners of the Atlanta-based DASS Salon and Spa. 
This 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization was established in memory of their daughter, Donielle Shaw Pressley, who passed away at the age of thirty-four after from melanoma skin cancer. 
The Foundation honors Donielle's memory and legacy daily by raising awareness about the importance of early detection of melanoma skin cancers by educating beauty industry professionals and the public. 


              An Inspiring story of Courage, Faith and Love

Donielle Shaw Pressley was born in 1969 Atlanta, Georgia.  Shaw grew up into a most joyful and energetic young woman!

Donielle was a world-renowned Hair Colorist and insightful Teacher; a caring daughter, loving wife and mother, and a true friend.

In the year 2000, Donielle was diagnosed with Melanoma Skin Cancer in its fourth stage. God mercifully granted Donielle the will and strength to fight valiantly for three years. At this time she was in her eighth month of pregnancy...married over two years...had moles removed five years earlier. When one appeared again...she was told at that time... everything was okay. Later though, she learned it definitely was Melanoma...Stage 4...

Danielle joyfully lived those three years with dynamic faith, while restlessly loving and inspiring others. At the age of 34, Donielle died quietly in her home surrounded by family and friends...pastor and his wife...On a Sunday night, March 2, 2003, Donielle went “home” and remains a noble inspiration to all...even today...

For several years now, the You Can Make A Difference Foundation (YCMAD) honors Donielle’s legacy by raising awareness of Melanoma Skin Cancer.

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